Nice to meet you!

Hey there, I'm Taylor Tidwell! I am a UX / product designer. My design career began exploring UX in the built environment via urban design. To further pursue my passion for UX design, I received a master's in Creative Technology and Design at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2022, with a focus in UX & product design. My drive in UX design is finding where I can best leverage user research, data-driven design thinking, and accessibility best practices to progress digital tools, platforms, and businesses to the next level.

Throughout my career working for Sasaki's Tech Strategies team, Dex GG, & ResultsLab as a UX designer, I most enjoy translating ideologies, unique branding, and complex problem solving to digital platforms via design. 

My professional design education and training have given me a strong foundation in design theory, client interfacing, and data-driven people-first problem-solving. UX design & data-driven research continuously fuels my passion for complex problem-solving for businesses and people alike. I passionately seek to impact and improve the lives of those using & experiencing the products I work on. I find that collaborating with partners & stakeholders intimately throughout the design process creates the best products. 

When I'm not designing, you can find me sketching in my moleskin, roaming the city with my wife, looking for the best plate of nachos, skiing, or backpacking the Rockies.

Reach out to me!